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Monday, 9 February 2009

Fest, fun, busy, happy, hurt.

These are the three posters I made for my college fest, Crescendo '09.

The first one is for the corporate quiz event- quid est- i love the Hooga- Booga people in the borders :D. The second one, 'Spandan', is for our Dance event. 'Spandan' has its root in the Sanskrit-and means alive and pulsating. The third one is for the Music event. 'Mridang' is an Indian percussion instrument. I was so frightened of giving out the wrong phone numbers on the posters, that by the time I was done with them, I had all the four contact numbers memorised. :D. Apart from this I'll also be making stuff for the judges of our debating event, so a pretty busy time for me, quite apart from all the tests.
The festival will be on for three days- tomorrow, day after, and Friday, and I'm pretty excited, except that I injured both my legs in freak accidents: First, I went out intending to take a walk, but got impatient because I was just not moving fast enough, so I started running, and ran for most of more than a kilometre... in my floaters. I realised that that's a stupid thing to do once I got home. Ouch. That was my right ankle accounted for. Then, today, I was rushing to catch a metro to college, and there was a tile missing on the platform floor... I crashed to the floor, with my bag, cell phone and wallet all flying off in different directions. Left knee.

:9 :(

I am, however, really, really, really happy because tomorrow I will finally meet my best friend again! :D. We haven't met since forever, and she promised to come for the fest :)

Oh, yes- four bands coming for the Rock night- Prestorika, who played as a support act for The Rasmus in 2005 in Mumbai and Bangalore, Acrid Semblance (underground metal), The Circus (rock, hybrid), and Under Siege (progressive (?) metal).

I'm sorry this is such a random post... just felt like sharing this stuff. Anyway, I got to go, finish up the stuff for the debating society- not to mention there's a match on tonight... though I'm not too into it, since my favourite player will not be playing... let's see...

PS: Double thumbs up to MIA for that gutsy and awe- inspiring performance at the Grammy's.
PPS: I hope it's warm and doesn not rain through the fest.


  1. Good posters!

    Take care of your legs. :-)

  2. Vow! the second and third posters...Nice that you're having a great time.

    Wanna try running without injuring yourself? Check this out:

    Have a blast!!!

  3. Great posters!!

    Hope your legs will be okay soon! =(

  4. @ BU Thank you, and I will. Welcome to my blog!

    @ Arun: Hahaha thanks for the link, and the compliment :)

    The website is great- I'm going to go buy myself new running shoes- my old ones, I've had them for ages. Thank you.

    @ D: :) :), yeah me too.

  5. muhurta
    All annual festival days are good for enjoying and opening ceremonies.I like your blog with expression.