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Monday, 17 September 2007

That's OUR colour!

The Sri Lankan cricket team is my favourite. There are no two ways about that... and I say this even though I'm an Indian, born, brought up and currently residing in my country's National Capital Territory of New Delhi, where saying that India is not you favourite cricket team is, well, blasphemous.

I'm clarifying this so I don't come out sounding absurd... But I have just 1 problem (as of now) with the on going ICC World T20: Why are he Lankan boys playing in India Blue?? I know I said SL is my favourite team, but

a) India is my national side; and


I switched on the highlights for that now- famous SL- Kenya match,, and for about 30 seconds I thought I'd put on the wrong channel, or was watching the wrong match or something or the other of that sort because ESPN was showing a match between a side in dark green (the hapless Kenyans) and India... Or so I thought... until I saw Lasith Malina looking positively GHASTLY and realised it wasn't India, it was just the Lankans wearing our gear, with yellow writing on it specifying their names at the back (see, I told you they've nicked our stuff.... it's yellow writing for us as well!).

I'm just waiting for he India- SL match(I know it will happen now, since we have managed to win a CRICKET match 3- 0). I wonder how the commentators (umpires?) will react to that then...

"We're ready for the toss, now, and the gentlemen concerned are all here, the match referee, and the two captains.. That's Dhoni in light blue... and, uhh, Mahela is ALSO in light blue........... Oh no! looks like this'll be a confusing day on the field, boys..."


  1. I'm really looking forward to that match!!

  2. We Indians should take it up first with the Sri Lankan Cricket Board(after all they are our friends)and then with the ICC.Use of our colour by another Country is just not fair.