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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Here's some more...

O.K. I know I’ve already written about this, but I really want to yell some more about this issue…

While Mr. Dilip Vengsarkar’s can of worms refuses to stop the spills, we continue to get insights into what actually went on behind the scenes in Rahul Dravid’s ouster from the Indian cricket team.

Apparently, the decision to ‘rest’ the former India skipper took only about ten minutes in a meeting lasting some fifty minutes. Also, when one of the selectors suggested that Rahul be informed of the decision before the rest of the country, Mr. Vengsarkar’s reaction was “did he inform us before resigning the captaincy?”

As I have already said, this is turning out to be nothing more than an ugly display of egotism from the chief selector’s side.

Meanwhile, many of his former colleagues have come out questioning his cricketing sensibilities, with Sanjay Manjerekar saying ‘rested’ has become an interesting word, former national selector Kiran More blasting the colonel, and Navjot Sidhu lambasting him and saying he’ll back Rahul all the way.

I would like to remind Mr. Vengsarkar that his first and last year in international cricket were nothing to write home about, yet, the selectors did not ‘rest’ him, yet, all it took for Rahul to be ‘rested’ was four matches. Not that I’m comparing Dilip Vengsarkar to Rahul Dravid… in my book, you would have to be quite exceptional to be compared to Rahul.

To tell you the truth, I’m a recent convert to Rahul’s fan following. What really impressed me was the way he completely shielded the team after the 50- over World Cup fiasco, accepting complete blame as captain of the team. It’s not like I didn’t value him as a player earlier, as Mr. Sidhu said, he’s a player who would walk barefoot on glass for his country, and I absolutely agree. Infact, we’ve all heard fables of his dedication to the team, and, honestly, that alone adds so much value to our team… it’s immeasurable.

After so many years of dedicated service, such a great player was treated in such a humiliating manner, and, it’s not new either. What does this say about our selectors, and the BCCI? And what does it say to people like Saurav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar?

Oh yeah- Shoib Akhtar has paid a tribute to our wall in his very own way, after a fabulous comeback- he said he’s glad he won’t have to bowl to Rahul, since he’s very tough to dislodge.

The selectors have not just pressurised India’s greatest players (Oh, and did I mention the fact that I think pressure was probably the reason Rahul did not do so well in those four matches against Austrailia?), they have also laid open our relatively inexperienced batting order to the Pakistanis bowlers.

In the meantime, cricket fans around the world will miss Rahul, including those AWESOME horizontal bat shots, and the gorgeous drives.

I just feel it's really, really unfair, and I'm waiting for Rahul to get back very soon.

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