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Thursday, 29 May 2008

My Picture of the Week:

taken by... moi! :)

As you can see, (from the purple clouds behind the trees), the unseasonal rain storms continue in Delhi.


  1. Hi, just saw your comment on Dotthought's blog. I have no words to express the sadness I feel at this senseless loss. My heart and condolences go out to you and your family.

  2. nice photos here
    all of them yours?rc

  3. Beautiful poignant photo. Night and trees are made for photos. Lovely colour contrast. Last night, I was sitting out on the terrace. It was going to rain and the purple sky was playing a beautiful dance with dark green leaves rustling in the wind. Enjoy life! Capture moments.


  4. Thanks Samyuktha!
    This wasn't night, actually, it was late evening, about half an hour before sundown.
    I love rain too!

  5. mixed:

    a pic says a 1000words or so,
    when you put up a pic, please do not describe it,
    the picture the angle says for itself..

    at least i wud like that better..

    n if ur wondering who i am.
    keep wondering.

  6. Well, madman, I'll keep your preferences in mind, next time... maybe