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Friday, 15 August 2008


The joy of salvation.
The balm of hope.
The spring of youth.
The despair of destitution.
The wisdom of silence.
The knowledge of tranquility.
The joy of enlightenment.
The expression of decay.
The earth of milk and honey.
The home of fate and disease.
The land of war and peace.
The road to faith.
Of the ancient.
Of the novel.
Of the unique,
and the common.
The hope of mastery.
The flash of colour.
That of the self. That of the selfless.
That of hate. That of devotion.
That of affection.
A billion desperate desires pressed into one shining star.
A tryst with destiny.
A promise of redemption.
The child of the midnight hour.

A thought. An aspiration. A nation.

जय हे|


  1. Independent India's sixty first year. Congratulations to all those Indians reading this.

    I'm going to be away for the next ten days so I may not be able to respond to your comments, but thank you in advance.

    Also it's my friend Sandhya's birthday today- many happy returns, Sandy :)

    Jai Hind!

  2. PS: The last bit is in the script of Devnagri, which is used to write in Hindi.
    It says 'Jaya He'. They are the last two words from the Indian national anthem, and mean: victory to thee.

  3. Hello! I'm back, Will take a while to read through your older posts...

    And my mum was going all patriotic on me that day :D

    I shall go shout Jaya He at her now...