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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Notes from nowhere

Hi :)

I'm in the middle of exams. Again. In fact, I just wrote a paper today, and since the muse is not happy, I think I'll just tell you all how my month has been...

Lets see, today's exam- it was interesting... yes, that's the word... a numerical problem we had to do got cancelled because it had no data available to solve it. Ten marks. We couldn't stop smiling.


See what I mean?
My cousin's wedding is coming up sometime mid December, and I'm desperately trying to lose weight. It makes me laugh that after all the times I've wondered in that holier- than- thou way about why people do things just to fit in, I'm trying to do the exact same thing. Later, I'll probably be banging on about thin models again, but for now, a quick tip or two to look a little bit like them won't go amiss.

So what's with the hypocrisy, you wonder? As do I, actually, not because I don't know what the problem is, but because I know exactly what it is. You see, it would be nice to not be ignored at this particular function. I've noticed that with some of my family, the attitude changes with how socially- acceptable you are, including amongst other factors, your dress size. Last time there was a get together with this part of my family, I was actually acknowledged- can you believe it- and the singular comment from most people who wouldn't otherwise have bothered was something along the lines of how fit I was looking... So, yes, I'd quite like to be acceptable again, thank you.

The weather in Delhi's become even more annoying than usual these days. Earlier, we just got baked for eight months and frozen for two. Now we're served toasted in the day time, and chilled through the late evenings and nights. It's probably the reason for the bizarre cases of flu in the city, anyway- it happens to be a strain that just won't get cured. Or maybe we just keep relapsing without first getting fixed.

I registered as a voter a while back, but have still not received my electoral card... wonder when it'll finally turn up, if at all.

Oh, and on the mention of politics, I saw a poster on the college notice board today put up by the Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) asking the teachers to join in a demonstration to protest against the 'undemocratic' attempt of the vice chancellor to introduce the semester system into under graduation programs. Undemocratic my ass. They're just resentful that they'll now have to actually do some work and be held accountable, the deceitful, double dealing old frauds.

My Marketing Research teacher told me today that she'd like to get our project published.

:) :) :)

This has got to be the most disjointed piece I've ever written.
Oh, yes,
Thank you for putting up with me.


  1. Tips on losing weight:

    1. Don't eat more than you're hungry for.
    2. Limit sweets.
    3. Exercise for thirty minutes a day.

    Don't worry too much about losing weight either; worry about being healthy. :)

  2. Thank you :)

    Good to hear from you again.

  3. Man, I'm lucky in that I eat everything I can find, and yet manage to stay away from flab. :D

    And the weather is exactly the same here.

    And good for you for registering as a voter. Every vote counts.
    But they only count as a single vote. So you might as well not bother...


  4. Haa, great to see you back, I mean really great. I was about to proclaim that 'recession had hit even the bloggers' as no one seems to update nowadays. So exams are not yet over huh? Hope you've been doing pretty well. Fitness? Et tu? ha ha ha all the very best, of late I've been reading a lot about size zero especially after Kareena made heads turn with her 'Tasham' looks. After the first week, I couldn't hit the jogging track again, I was thinking of resuming it today, but then I just gave a violent thud to the alarm when it rang monstrously. Shall I tell you a secret? what made me hit the fitness track was my uncontrollable urge to eat sweets. I eat a lot of them and once doctor warned me to take care, nopes I'm not a diabetic, but I don't think that I can ever stop eating jilebis, gulabjamoons, laddoos, cashew burfees...and all I want to do is burn the chances of any harm sweets do to my body. It's this desire rather than to look fit made me start jogging. It is extremely hot here, in this port city and I really find it tough to get a proper sleep sometimes. How can semester system be undemocratic? Yes, you are right, it's just that they are not willing to be accountable. Once again wish you all the best for your remaining papers, fitness programme (for that I shamelessly seek your best wishes to my attempts too). Have a great time.

  5. nothing better than free marks...makes flunking so much more difficult:)

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  7. Free Marks are always a good thing... now why didn't that ever happen to me?

    As for getting fit for weddings, that's not an usual tale! Also your appearance matters as people's behaviour towards you can be positively or negatively affected by it as you say, so why not try to capitalize on that?

    (Sorry... a missing word! ;) )

  8. All the best! And tnxx for dropping by my blog :)


  9. I really like the title! And the new look too! That was a fun post. I am really happy about the voting part. I think if enough people get out and vote a lot of problems will be solved easily. And good luck with your exams too!

    And thanks for your comments on my blog. They really motivated me to come back and write even though it had become harder to find the time. The next part in the simoundou chronicles is now out.
    Be sure to check it out after your exams. I will try to keep them more regular from now - at least once a month :)