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Thursday, 19 March 2009


I made:


Okay... what I forgot to add when I posted this was that I wast feedback on the new layout. Oh, and also some assistance on this menu bar thing... the only thing I can link back to, is the 'Home' tab, which is kind of useless... does anyone else know how to make those other pages to which the tabs can link? :S

To those of you who knew me at school, I say hello :) and no, you haven't seen these before, since they are all from after school.


  1. Hi. Have absolutely no background of art ! But,as I believe, every piece of creative work represents anything that we want it to represent- your paintings do speak a lot.

    As for example I could relate the first of your works with a female surrounded by men- probably representing the poor sex ratio or eve teasing scene or something... Do I make sense with this ?

  2. Haaa that's a cool new look, i mean the new lay out. Can't appreciate art blame it on my underdeveloped right brain. The only painting that ever made me "hhmmnnn" was 'Scream' by Edward Munch, but then one doesn't need to be a connossieur to appreciate 'Scream'.

  3. hey nice stuff! i especially like the one with the ship in it . thumbs up!

  4. @ M: Hi :) yes, you're right, it's always about expressing yourself.. The one with the woman's face has 2 masks, trying to sort of show that in life nobody really reveals themselves as such, there are always masks... there was a poem about this also, actually, but I've forgotten it's title.

    @ AMC: Yes, scream iis one of the few instantly recognisable works of art, and thank you :)

    @ TheWhacksteR: Thanks! Thank you very much :D

  5. like the dash of colors:)
    as for the other pages...just write a normal post entry titled "about me" (or nethng else) and then post it with a back date.
    then link it to the menu as u did with the "home" link:)
    tempy is kool!!!

  6. nice...!!
    these look a bit like body paintings.. the last one especially! **what a perverse mind!!** lol

    talented one eh?

  7. Oh... um...I didn't think of that...

    And thanks :) *Blushes*

  8. I like the last one--it reminds me of the sun made into a fruit, and it's being peeled as it rises.

  9. hmmmmm..... really cool
    if u ever feel like selling them or exhibiting them in future, say after 5 years... do give me a call
    i will arrange a gud show for u
    hope u make lot more of them in future
    excellent work aditi

  10. @ Q: Haha thank you! :)

    @ Vikas: Thank you dear :)

  11. hey you have some nbice stuff in there! keep em coming sis!

  12. the paintings are beautiful, especially the second the colours.
    when did you make these?

  13. and I like the layout, but I loved the old one.

  14. @ Aufidius: Thank you :)

    @ D: Thanks :D I like the 2nd one too! :D :D hmm... actually the drawing (only the pencil line bits) were done a little bit aat school... I'm not sure if it's the same, or another one jisme maine same si boat type cheez banadi hai... but the thing is that a painting actually got spoilt, so I put lots of colour on it, and then I made the ship wala outline with black oil pastel. Yeh sari school ke baad ki paintings hain... don't remember the exact dates, though.

    Yeah, I know you really liked it, I did too... but wo thodi heavy lag rahi thi... and I thought this one was very different, and clean, you know?

    Oh, btw, it's Siddharth's birthday today.

  15. Yowza! I missed a lot!

    First, happy belated birthday! Lots of March babies around...

    And second, brilliant paintings!

  16. That's even cooler then(spoilt painting turns into a masterpiece et al). It's very beautiful.

    As for the layout, yep, this one is clean and all...I guess I'm just partial to all things black. lol.

  17. @ Jerry: Thank you :) Yeah? Who else is March born? :D :D Thank you :)

    @ D: Lol, it sounds a lot more glamourous than it actually is... :D Yeah... black.. and green... :P

  18. Tagged!! you cam whine all u want....

  19. Many, many people. To name a few, my brother, hijinx, two of my friends, and... someone else I can't remember.

  20. u hv an award @ my space...cum claim it:)
    thnk u 4 tht lovely poem, really helped!!!

  21. Nice paintings dear... liked the faces one...