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Thursday, 28 August 2008

My first tag! :)

Hi :)
So. I've been tagged!
Yayayayayayayayay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Ahem. (clears throat)
Okay, never mind... Let the post begin:
As I was saying, I've been tagged, and as the title of this post is still saying, it's happened for the first time, which has charged me up with the kind of exuberance hitherto only been achieved by consuming vast quantities of sugar at one go.

Therefore, never.


It was mea culpa who tagged me, and she wants me to list my three favourite books. So here goes.

1. The Thorn Birds, by Colleen McCullough:
A book I read ages ago, but which continues to haunt me. It's so very well written, that five years after reading it, I still remember scenes and characters from it. Every one should read it.

2. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, by JK Rowling:
Though I love the entire series, but the tag requires favourite books, not favourite series' of books, therefore I choose this one for Hogwarts. This one is special for so many reasons, not least because of the story- which was brilliant. Then there are the characters who are introduced- Sirius and Remus. Part three was pivotal, and decided many things about the future of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. It was also the first Harry Potter book I read.

I could go on for hours, but I suspect you don't really care.

3. The Lord of the Rings, by JRR Tolkien:
I put this up due to the sheer effort involved in writing it, and because I have a volume which has all the three parts in it together, so it's actually just one book.

The book is not terribly easy to read, but it's what I call an epic. If you haven't read it, or if you've left it half way because you thought you were going to collapse under the sheer weight of it, one day you will realise the sacrilege you have committed, and weep. If it's because you thought you'd catch the movie instead, you should know that the book came first, and no matter how good the film, the book is way better.

There are many others that missed out on a mention... for example To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, etc. but after much thought and internal turmoil, I decided to put up these three.

I hereby tag:

There is also Jerry, but he's writing his school leaving exams somewhere in Colombo, so dude, this tag is for you only if you suddenly decide you need to choose between your papers and your blog, and in an Earth shattering moment of clarity side with the blog.

Much love.


  1. I believe mea culpa is a "she"..
    U might want to edit that before she sees it, and delete this before she sees this :-P

    Or you can just say it was a typo..
    There.. I have exhausted all your options..haven't I? :-D

  2. Exams finished on the 28th! :D
    There shall be much merrymaking, during the course of which I shall be reminded of my three favorite books! :D

  3. I like your taste in books, but for some reason Kill a Mockingbird is at the top of my list!

    Maybe because I read it so many times, and it covers so many things...

  4. @ the layman: It was a typo (tongue firmly in cheek).
    Also, I don't delete comments unless they are severely derogatory or something such.
    Plus, it was a typo.

    @ Jerry: Good on you, then. I've missed you. Welcome back! :)

    @ foxhound: Thanks :)
    I had to think very hard about not including Mockingbird in list... The book touched me at a very deep level. Also, there were many other books I had truly enjoyed, and would definitely wish to read again... so my top three were books that have at some level changed the way I think, or opened up a different world to me. That was my criteria, ultimately.

  5. Hey, sorry for being a late visitor... No excuses but just sorry.

    Lord Of the Rings Oh! Awesome book, It took me some time to complete it... but jesus... it was good... hmm... he ... she n all doesnt matter....

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I have to get you to read The Shadow of the Wind. I think you'll like it, but I'm not sure because we (unfortunately) don't have a similar taste in books!

  8. Hmm... I'll read it wwhen I get the time, of course, but thanks for the reference :)
    (I have a strange feeling that I know who you are, but if you are who I think you are then it would be nice if you didn't keep changing the pseuodoname. You're messing with my head!)

  9. lol, yep, it's me
    Next time I'll specifically mention that I've changed it!