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Friday, 29 August 2008

Heavens and oceans

These are some of my favorites' of all the pictures I took on my vacation to the cities of Bangalore and Mumbai. The cloud photographs were taken on the flight to Bangalore from Delhi, on my cell phone camera.

Don't these look like all those Hollywood films we've seen depicting angels' residences, with towering columns of cloud going on to meet the blue, blue skies?

Towards sunset...

Like a blanket on our planet...

Last lights...

Pictures of the Arabian Sea, from Mumbai.
Jerry, this particular one is for you-

Sunset painted the skies orange.

Just imagine: walking into this, and then continuing on walking;

And, the sun sets, taking the day away.

Goodnight, my angels, sleep soundly.


  1. Brilliant images!
    Especially the sunrise ones from the plane! Nice colours.... looks almost like a painting.

  2. The pics are so beautiful!!
    I made one of them my wallpaper.

  3. whoooaaa...awesome..great snaps u have taken there..really cooool...

  4. wow... nice pics... a nice depiction of, among other times of the day, Usha and Nisha (If I remember rightly these are the sanskrit words for sunrise and sunset...)