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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Guess you guys can see now what I do sitting in class... back of my register graffiti :)

Anyway... this post is to tell you people that I'm going to be extra busy for a few days... until this entire month, at least, so I'll post as and when I can, but no guarantees, sorry.
Exams and tests... you know the drill. There's also CAT 2009 to prepare for, and... I'm not sure, but I guess I may meet my parents once in a while. Maybe. ;)
Bye, and good luck.

P.S.: How did you like the graffiti?


  1. Nice drawing!

    What are CAT's? I'm tempted to make a reference to the animal, but I'll refrain... :D

    See you an a few!

  2. Nice!!!

    All the best for the exams and yes for the CAT 2009. IIM - A ah!!! whats the plan???.... Coool girl all the best....

  3. That's fine. Not that you are gonna be out of blogging for a while, but the graffiti. All the best for your exams...Good luck.

  4. @ Jerry: CAT= Common Admission Test.
    It's the entrance exam for the prestigious Indian Institute of Managements (IIMs). MBA.

    @ Mea Culpa: Thanks, and thanks :)

    @ arun: Hehe thanks :)

  5. Nice graffiti=D
    And yep we've got to prepare for the CAT. Hard work, but you'll have the pleasure of being in my company :p

  6. nice graffiti...heh all the best with the exam!