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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Please help...

I'm currently experimenting with two ideas- Firstly, I wanted to change my domain name to my own name, if possible, and secondly, to change the current layout of this blog...

Please leave your feedback on these issues, it'll be a great help.
Do you approve of such a move?

Also, for everyone out therewho wants to use photoshop, but can't due to Adobe cting all pricey, you can download this really great software, which offers almost all the features and utilities of Photoshop, with no dent in your pocket. :)


  1. Well, in order to change the domain name you're going to have to get a new blog, but changing the layout shouldn't be terribly hard. Unless you're me. I mess with the html cde more than is good for my own sanity.

  2. Getting your own domain is pricey too, unless you're talking about using the [yourname] thingy...

    But layout wise, anything's fine :D
    Just the content that matters.

    Ans re:photoshop, thank god for pirates

  3. I like the ice cream cone in your header. It's cute. And cartoons are simply awesome, so you get a stamp of approval there, too.

    How did you put that picture by the URL instead of the blogger sign?

  4. Thanks :) and thanks :)

    And what picture?
    While putting up the background I changed the url of the pic, and the header is straight from my computer...

    I don't know if I answered your question..

  5. That picture that appears directly to the left of the url
    and looks rather like some green lemons is what I mean.

  6. Hey, the header is cute with those icecreams, little shoes and all. But the rest of the lay out...naaaaayyy. As I scroll down I can see it affects the visual quality of your photographs...

  7. I actually tried ages ago... it's pretty nifty but is sadly no substitute for Photoshop... ah well piracy I suppose!

  8. its all bout what u want babes!!!!

  9. @q: It's called a favicon, and I left a comment on your blog about it :)

    @Arun: Thanks (about the header) and yes, I'll be experimenting with the layout for a bit... I know it hurts the visibility.

    @Foxhound: I know cannot compete with photoshop as of now, but I think it will evolve to be a great software in the future.

    @Mea Culpa: Thank you! :)