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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Purple thunder

Fire in my heart;
fire in my soul;
fire when you touch me-
fire in your ardent eyes.

Music in your voice;
music in your love;
music of your sterling trust-
music of my dappled life.

Stars in the sky;
stars in your eyes;
stars for your lambent wit-
stars in my mortal hands.

Whispers in my dreams;
whispers in the light;
whispers of the worlds foretold-
whispers of the ageless Lords.


  1. seriously you should meet the crew... can stay up all night on the beach talking economics, politics and the current world order! :P

    well written, i've been following the sub prime mortgage crisis for a very long time now and it really did have its roots back in the 30's with the glass steegal act etc. which was abolished in the name of deregulation of the financial industry in the 90's....

    But ur comment on the Auto industry about a lack of financing for Capital expenditure is not the main cause for it to collapse, see in the US GM does not make a single car for which it does not get money. It's the car dealer who works with a financer to get the money, hence its the dealers who pay interest whilst holding the cars in their displays. If these dealers can't get access to money... they can't buy from GM, the effect of the liquidity crunch coupled with lower demand meant that GM was suffering with reducing orders and the dealers were having excess inventory for which they were paying interest!! lots of dealers actually closed up... so the long term implications for the industry are serious with distribution channels been reduced....

    you had mentioned something about, laissez fair... the closest political/Economic system that we have to this today is liberalism, but even in the US the purest form is not often practiced with a big government resulting in right liberalism (not total economic liberalism, or what is known as free market capiatlism) and questions can be asked if society too is totally liberal?? But the fact is i beleive in Big governments, i've done some studies on public policy and its amazing how big the governments are in some of the most developed countries, so the questioin should not be Government or no government? but rather efficient government? Something Sri Lanka is lacking at the moment.... when i say big government, i only mean it to the extent of controlling and regulating the economy in Nationally important areas, not to the full extent of government resource allocation....

    All in all, a very stimulating set of comments you had put up... enjoyed it a lot!! ahh... you can never get enough econ in a single day :P

  2. abstract...interesting...well written!!!

  3. @ Q: Me too! Though until yesterday I always thought it must have something to do with love- and only love, though I came to know better.

    @ MP: Ah, thank you :)
    The thing is, I've never been that into academic economics, so I always thought I was rubbish at it... that comment was the first time for me actually talking publically about economics!

    I love the way you put the subject forward! Thanks for the insight into the Auto industry... that's not something I'd ever read before.

    I agree about your point with the efficient government... thankfully, it's improving in India at the moment, but let's see.

    Thank you!

    @ CN: Thanks :D

  4. Hmm....


    And myP - she's in India. :P

  5. @ D: Thank you, thank you *takes a bow*

    @ Jerry: :D

  6. Hey! who's the lucky guy!

    It sounds really nice!

  7. Ahm no... this is not so much a description, as a wish list :)

    Thank you :D

  8. hmmm. yes i thought you'd put up some interesting comments up on Mathawaada as well.. whatever happened to your idea of applying game theory to tennis?

    nice poem btw!

  9. Thanks :)

    And, yes... My 'reaserch instructor' just got married... so she's... let's just say that she's slightly distracted. So right now we're focussing on getting the syllabus completed instead of side projects. Those can happen in due course, since I have one more year to go.


  10. Are you sure you want to call this poetry ?
    The title has no connect with the words below.May be its too abstract for me.
    Sorry but that's how I felt.
    Your blog layout is well done.