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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Tags of 25

25 things few people know about me:

1. I love the meaning of my name.
2. I hate the fact that if it's western, it's history, but if it belongs to any other part of the world, or is different, it's mythology. Hypocrites.
3. I'm a solitary being.
4. I'm excessively judgemental.
5. There are moments in time that are etched in my memory. There are other times- weeks and months, sometimes, when I don't remember anything that happened during them.
6. Idealist, escapist, dreamer.
7. I don't really believe in religion... I do believe in a Supreme Power, and common sense.
8. I love colours, books, sports.
9. I think money only has value if you wish to put it to use.
10. When I look back at my life, I'm more likely to remember impulses, feelings, impressions, images, colours, and perceptions, rather than hard facts.
11. I like acoustic instrumental a lot.
12. I want to travel the world and live in the finest hotels on my own money.
13. There are only two compliments ever paid to me that I truly cherish.
14. I want my fairy tale, but I don't think it'll ever happen.
15. I cannot keep a grudge, and I don't hate anybody- I just become completely apathetic towards them.
16. Nature frightens and enthrals me in equal measure.
17. I dislike cats. I love like dogs.
18. I think the new WADA anti- doping laws infringe privacy, and are wrong on some very important levels. I also think they will drive the best sports persons away from their respective fields, and we'll only be left with the not- so- good ones.
19. People who cannot be on time, and proven terrorists, rapists, and paedophiles should be shot dead. Yes, I support capital punishment.
20. I'm intensely private, and to an extent, it applies even to my parents... stay out of my business, unless I specifically invite you into it.
21. I get irate when I'm tired.
22. I don't really believe in inheritance as such... I think whoever earned the asset has the right to it, and not their family/ friends/ class mates/ domestic help/ et cetera.
23. Success is very important.
24. When I'm really concentrating, I cannot really hear or see anything besides what I'm captivated by.
25. The poems :
a. A Psalm of Life by H. W. Longfellow;
b and c. The road not taken, and Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost;
d and e. The Solitary Reaper and Daffodils by William Wordsworth;
f. The Brook by Lord Alfred Tennyson;
g. Ode to the West Wind by PB Shelley;
h. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by ST Coleridge;
i. Seashore, Mind without fear, and *this other poem which I cannot seem to remember the name of* by Rabindranath Tagore

are the ones I still remember from school.

Bharath, since you tagged me, you obviously get tagged back.
I also hereby tag:

1. Amrita ma'am
2. MyP
3. Jerry
4. Bindhu Unny
5. The Layman
6. Comfortably Numb
7. Q (You can do a 15 things post, since you just did another one like this :) )
8. Human
9. The WhacksteR
10. Arun
11. Realskullzero
12. Foxhound
13. Sam
Well.... I can't expect the boys at MATHAWAADA to have two same/ different posts :D, so handle it like you wish to.


  1. I will try to get around to this...eventually... :P

  2. Now I've to figure out those 25 things...

  3. @ Q: Take your time :D

    @ BU: Yes, you do that :)

  4. Is pretending to be dead will be of any help for not to do the tags? Just kidding, thanks for tagging me. But I need time to figure it out, and it's a bit hectic too.

  5. nicely dun...gud 2 knw u care abt WADA laws
    supremely judgemental, irate when tired...can so identify!!
    hv been tagged wid dis tag by sum1 else as well...still finding 25 things abt me:D
    will do surely:)

  6. done!although by some strange accident a few of my points disappeared! tx for the tag

  7. @ Jerry: K, cool

    @ Arun: Lol, no, it will not, and you're welcome.

    @ CN: Thank you :D

    @ TheWhacksteR: I'm going over to your place next; :0; and you're welcome.


  8. Nice.

    "13. There are only two compliments ever paid to me that I truly cherish. "

    What were they?

  9. Thanks :)

    Well, there are two... which I remember still, and were interpretted either from the situations they were said in, or from the actions performed...

    1. When close friends told me that I make a good friend... I remember Zoya said that to me once on the way to our Pravah base camp. We were in the bus. You told me that once on the phone some time back. Siddharth said it about a couple of weeks back.

    2. In twelth grade, the art dept. was falling apart right before the annual day... they had asked the people in charge of the plays and dances, etc. to give them (art dept.) a list of things they would be requiring- you know, props, and backdrops and stuff...

    As usual, these requests were ignored until the very last moment, and the stationary shop was closed because those people had to attend a wedding. What was worse was that the dapt. had ordered stuff from there in anticipation, like bottles of paint, brushes, paper- all kinds of it, and they did not deliver those things before going on the holiday. PLUS, there was only Amrita ma'am there that day...

    You can imagine the chaos.

    Well, she pulled us out of our classes that day- Dhriti, Bhavya, Twishi, and me... so that was one part of the compliment- you know that she trusted me to help out.

    Then we sort of rushed about doing all these jugad kind of things... I remember we scavanged paper from all over the school. In fact, you remember that place where the old raddi was kept? It was a side room off the Home science Lab ka court yard, I think... and from the EVS lab, and from the various soft boards in the school :D That was really crazy.

    We rolled up newspaper and painted tham brown and then stuck them together for bundles of logs of wood, and all kinds of other jugaad.

    But like, the stuff we could manage was very minimal, since the show was to continue for a week, and we only had 2 or 3 days to make all of it... so ma'am decided to go to Sarojini to get the supplies... and this is the second part of the compliment- she was really distracted, and was running out of the art room, and then someone asked her who was in charge of making the stuff... you know, cz there were many juniors there who didn't know how to make the stuff, plus the material that was lying around... she stopped abruptly, and turned to me and was just like, "Aditi, handle it!"

    I don't think I'll ever forget that my entire life.

    These two compliments are important because people who actually knew about the effort that went into it, you know- like you know what it takes to be a good friend to somebody- you saw the effort that I put into it... and that's what made it unforgetable. You guys knew what you were talking about.

    And for the 2nd one... she was on the line, you know... the annual week thing couldn't have happened without the art bit, and she trusted me enough to say THAT. It was like years of solid tapsya paying off, those 3 words. Moreover, she knows exactly how tough it is to work in those conditions... bending over a table constantly, for 5, 6 hours, so that when you finally straighten up your back, neck and shoulders are siezed up.... eyes watering... it not easy, so she also knew what went into it, you know, and that's one more reason it was special.

    Wow. This is long.

  10. your reply makes it two articles in
    And that's one of the things that i hate too...Theology and Mythology...

    Also the other Tagore poem from school, may i suggest "Vocation"?
    All those poems u mentioned, brings a smile to that face...

  11. Thanks for the Tag.
    Shall have to sort this out with RKZ.

    It's good to see you back btw!

  12. Hi :)

    It's GREAT to hear from you again!

    Thanks :)