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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Help! My text book is in Latin!

Hello, again :)

Yes, I know I should be studying, thank you. I've actually even confirmed the syllabus. I also know 'studying' entails more than just staring at the cover page, and then the index. However, I've given it up as a bad job. Seriously, it's all incomprehensible gibberish.

How is it possible that after an entire half- semester of attending almost every accounts class regularly, I still cannot fathom what's been printed in the book? There's no other explanation for it- I mean, I know I'm rubbish at Math and stuff, but seriously, this is taking it a little too far (shh!)- I think they've printed it in Latin. (I said, hush!)

It's all a conspiracy. They just want to trip poor unsuspecting students into doing quant- based subjects again and again. It's their secret torture weapon. Didn't I always say Math teachers are terrorists in disguise? Well, look, here you have the proof! They get all these books printed in obscure foreign languages, to baffle people like me, and then a few chosen ones actually get the classified codes to solve the questions. They're building an army to take over the world.

I know.

Meanwhile, another case has been solved. Did you always want to know what happened between spinner Harbhajan Singh of the Mumbai Indians and paceman Shanthakumaran Sreesanth of the Kings XI Punjab during their Indian Premier League tie at Mohali? Here is the sensational answer!


  1. Maths, accounts, etc etc = terrible!

    But really that stuff is actually really fun, provided you actually know what you're doing!

  2. Yeah, but for ppl like me? That's actually a joke...
    Did you like the video?

  3. lmao!! awesome video...hehe..i think i ve seen it smewhere b4 but nice post!

    and oh btw exams sucks..that i guess we all can agree...

  4. The video is hilarious!! Can't stop lol-ing.
    How are your exams going? Sorry I forgot to call but we keep having tutorials all the time these days!
    And I can completely relate to the part about latin accounts books. I don't get anything in accounts either. :s

  5. And yes, I've changed my display name (yet) again!

  6. @ realskullzero: Thank you, and I agree :)
    My hols start immediately after my exams, so can't wait for them to get over (exams, I mean, lol).

    @D: 'Coz I've decided that that's what I'm going to call you, never mind your display name...

    I saw that video quite a while back, and I still can't stop Lol- ing... really, it's just so apt, that I cannot help it.

    No probs bt not calling, yaar, come on- with college and renovation? I think not.

    Oh, I asked Sid to motivate me for studying accounts, and he replied thus:

    "You need to study accounts because you are sharp, perceptive and intelligent, and you mustn't let a bad accounts grade get in the way of the success you deserve."


  7. Yes, I know I should be studying, thank you.
    Ha ha ha, so I don’t need to remind you that huh?

    I don’t think that you are really struggling with math and accounting. (No ‘Box’ing intended) You’re kidding huh?

    But it reminds me of my own crusades with impending exams. What happens is that you sleep almost all the time in certain classes and you jot down notes in some papers stuck out of your hip pocket. Then comes exams, and to your horror you realize that those ‘notes’ have no continuity or it doesn’t make much sense. And sometimes it would be even illegible haaa…! Good old times…

    About the clip: Damn funny though am not sure whether it was what actually happened between Sreesanth and Bhaaji. Of course, Sreesanth had been asking it for quite sometime but to players from other countries…anyway, there’s kinda poetic justice in that.

    All the very best for…you know what

  8. You know, that first line was specially for you ;P

    I was always underconfident in Maths... Accounts, however, was not always so bad...

    Ah, well, gotta get back... Thanks for the wishes :)
    See you!

  9. This post screams of a need to get away from your studying :)

    I never liked it either. Even my O/L's were rushed in right before the exams. The A/L's were a bit more structured though.

    I like math.
    I don't like accounting...

    And that's no obscure foreign language! It's "American" english :D

  10. I don't like 'American' English. Just the phrasing smacks of double standards.